Climate and environment
EPA ‘not holding back’ from Teagasc methane research
Barry Murphy
Attendees at the EPA’s annual conference heard that the agency is open to incorporating the latest farm emissions science when updating national carbon inventories.
16 May 2023 News
UK farmers to find sheep breed with lowest methane
A methane measurement study for UK sheep farmers will determine which genetics and feeding systems are the most carbon efficient.
12 May 2023 News
News podcast: methane breed battles and tillage tax breaks
Listen in to this week’s news podcast for all the latest farming news. Hear about what you need to know in this week’s Irish Farmers Journal.
Limousins rate best in methane research
A ground-breaking Irish research project shows that Limousin cattle have the lowest daily methane emissions.
10 May 2023 News
Meat processors explore earlier slaughter through fat scanning
Meat processors are exploring how proposals to finish cattle earlier, in a bid to achieve climate targets, could impact carcase weights and quality.
10 May 2023 News
Limousin cattle found to have lowest daily emissions – study
Researchers have found variation in the daily methane emissions from particular cattle breeds with the Limousin throwing a “curve ball” to come out on top.
10 May 2023 News
Genetic selection can cut 30% of cattle emissions - Department
The Department of Agriculture has published findings that cattle with certain genetics emit 30% less methane.
4 May 2023 News
Top dairy beef calves have 13% less emissions
ABP’s dairy beef trial farm has found that calves from top beef bulls have 13% less emissions over their lifetime.
28 April 2023 News
Replacing CAN and urea with protected urea can reduce GHGs by 71% - Teagasc
Improving soil fertility, using LESS and incorporating clover allows farmers to cut bagged nitrogen without losing yield.
ICBF publishes world-first methane data for breeding bulls
The move towards selecting bulls based on their progeny’s methane output has begun with the publication of a new database.
21 April 2023 News
Feed and slurry additives could reduce farm emissions by 25%
Methane-cutting feed and slurry additives are no longer ‘pie in the sky’ as some of the country’s best scientists drive on to make them a reality.
19 April 2023 News
18,000 cows killed in Texan inferno
Thousands of dairy cows were killed in Texas on Monday when the sheds they were in went up in flames.
12 April 2023 News