Northern Ireland
There is too much negativity in farming
John Egerton
A short city break has reminded John Egerton that farmers have much to be thankful for.
31 January 2024 Farmer Writes
Storm Isha takes out older sheds
Fermanagh farmer John Egerton has been left to count the cost of damage caused by storm Isha.
17 January 2024 Farmer Writes
Setting up the farm for the next generation
As well as a busy farming year ahead, John Egerton is taking on the role of president of the Ulster Grassland Society.
Winter feeding complicated by variable silage quality
John Egerton has lots of silage in store from 2023, but quality is an issue.
27 December 2023 Farmer Writes
Caught again in a spiral of TB testing
After repeated clear TB tests, it is very frustrating when an animal has suspect lesions at slaughter, writes John Egerton
13 December 2023 Farmer Writes
Study tour challenges my 40 years of farming
Fermanagh farmer John Egerton had his eyes opened to different practices on a visit to England
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
My experience after two years of MSS
Fermanagh farmer John Egerton wanted to see if MSS could perform on land in the west.
8 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Inconsistent signals given for young bulls
Young bulls tick many boxes, so why penalise them on price, asks John Egerton.
25 October 2023 Farmer Writes
'No regrets I didn’t switch to dairy'
John Egerton has a land block well suited to dairy, but other factors must be taken into account
4 October 2023 Farmer Writes
Weather extremes hit suckler conception rates
Matching up prevailing weather and time of AI has revealed some interesting results, writes John Egerton
13 September 2023 Farmer Writes
Having another go at red clover silage
Red clover silage could help cut bills for fertiliser and meal, writes John Egerton
30 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Limited options in a difficult summer
Record rainfall in July has taken its toll, writes Fermanagh farmer John Egerton
9 August 2023 Northern Ireland