Globally, over two-thirds of renewable energy is generated from bioenergy. This is over 10 times the energy generated from both wind and solar.

While bioenergy plays a significant role in energy production globally, it has failed to reach its full potential here in Ireland according to Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) president Sean Finan.

“The bioenergy industry in Ireland is still waiting for its full potential to be realised by the Government,” explains Finan.

“Bioenergy can significantly contribute to energy security and reduce Ireland’s dependence on volatile and record high-priced fossil fuels,” he continued.

Anaerobic digestion

A mainstream Irish biomethane industry (using anaerobic digestion technology) mobilised on a phased basis would reduce Ireland's dependence on fossil gas, he explains. This is now mandated under the REPowerEU policy.

“The European Commission identifies that the member state with the largest potential growth for biogas / biomethane production is Ireland.

"Yet, to date, we have had mainly Government inaction or inertia in realising this potential,” he said.

“In challenging times, it is vital to exploit all proven opportunities to tackle climate change and enable security of energy supply,” he concluded.