Irish country music singers are well known for being “on the road”.

Gigs three or four nights a week would be common for many.

Also, they spend a lot of time after shows meeting fans and taking pictures.

Like the majority of those involved in the art and entertainment industry, they have been grounded since the beginning of the pandemic.

But this hasn’t stopped these artists undertaking a project to connect with their fans.

Reaching out

The brain child of country singer Trudi Lalor, Reach Out is a recent initiative asking country music fans to nominate someone they know who could do with a call from their favourite country singer.

Trudi says: “We all need some positivity in our lives in these dark times and I’m aware that so many fans of our music are struggling with not being able to see their favourite singers performing live.

“In addition to that, the whole social aspect of not meeting their friends at the live shows, concerts or at the dances is having a very negative impact on their lives.

“I believe it is affecting many of our music fans socially and emotionally, making the whole lockdown process even more isolating.

“Country music is unique in the sense that we all know each other; singers, musicians and fans alike, we’re like one big family.”

Who’s involved

Trudi, who presents Premier Country on Tipp FM, has gotten many of Ireland’s country music singers involved.

There are over 80 entertainers taking part, including Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter, Margo, Mike Denver, Derek Ryan, Susan McCann, Sandy Kelly, Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzel, Philomena Begley, Una Healy, Cliona Hagen and many more.

How to get involved?

If you would like to nominate someone you know who would benefit emotionally from a phone call or video call from their favourite country entertainer, you can get in touch with Trudi Lalor through her public Facebook page, the Reach Out 2021 Facebook page or on Instagram @thereachoutmovement.

The song

Trudi’s husband Billy Morrissey and Max T Barnes then wrote a song under the title, Reach Out.

Trudi and the array of singers involved in the campaign went on to record the song.

Reach Out is now available to download on all platforms and hard copies are also available. All proceeds are in aid of the ISPCC/Childline.

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