A farmer in the Sheep Welfare Scheme lost an appeal in 2019 as a result of a faecal egg count being submitted to the wrong lab.

The Department deemed his application ineligible for payment because he failed to use an independent laboratory approved by the Department in line with the terms and conditions of the scheme.

The farmer submitted in his grounds of appeal that they were not aware that their vet had switched laboratories but that they had trusted their vet and that the laboratory results were correct.

The farmer submitted that there was a drought in 2018 and there was also a family bereavement.

The appeals officer took into consideration the requirements in the terms and conditions of the Sheep Welfare Scheme 2018 (section 13 scheme actions parasite control (faecal egg count) and annex one of the terms and conditions).

The appeals officer found that the onus is on the farmer to use a Department-approved laboratory to carry out the test and as a result the appeal was disallowed.

Appeals in 2019

The number of agriculture appeals closed in 2019 was 491, including appeals received in previous years.

The outcome of all agriculture appeals closed in 2019 was as follows:

  • 44% allowed, partially allowed, or the Department decision was revised in favour of the appellant after the appeal was submitted.
  • 43% of appeals disallowed.
  • 13% of appeals withdrawn, invalid, or received after the three-month deadline.
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