Northern Ireland
NI vet corner: milk fever comes in three stages
Jessica Warwick* highlights the main causes of milk fever and what can be done to reduce the risk.
8 November 2023 Northern Ireland
NI vet corner: Vaccination the preferred option for lungworm
Laura Weir* explores how lungworm develops and what options to consider for future control
8 November 2023 News
Minister commits to reviewing Brennan farm case
The Dáil heard allegations that the EPA under-reported pollution levels from a factory neighbouring the farm.
Scope for more sheep painkillers, NI study finds
The most common active component used on sheep farms in Northern Ireland for pain relief is Meloxicam.
1 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Vets discover surgery to fix stiff cattle legs
Farmers who end up with a bullock, cow or heifer with stiff back legs, or legs locked in muscular tremors, can now avail of a new surgery technique to fix the condition.
31 October 2023 News
Farmers fear cattle backlog due to strike
The five-day strike across DAERA vet service begins on Monday, 30 October
25 October 2023 Northern Ireland
More positivity in beef trade
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest factory quotes for finished cattle
25 October 2023 Markets
NI abattoirs face five-day shutdown
A strike by vets and meat inspectors is likely to bring abattoirs to a standstill
18 October 2023 Northern Ireland
NI vet corner: attention to detail when breeding ewe lambs
Matthew Wright* looks at the issues farmers should consider when thinking of breeding from ewe lambs.
18 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Department taking over two weeks to slaughter TB reactors
Farmers are being left with TB reactor animals on farms for an average of two and a half weeks, according to the latest figures.
14 October 2023 News
NI vet corner: Housing creates an environment for lice
Jessica Warwick* outlines how best to prevent problems from lice on cattle during housing.
11 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Vaccine supply 'looking better' for 2024
The supply chain for animal vaccines has been significantly disrupted over the last two years
4 October 2023 Northern Ireland