Lakeland Dairies has held its January milk price at 30.68c/l excluding VAT.

The normal out-of-season bonus of 5c/l will apply for January and a special unconditional Lakeland bonus of 1c/l (plus VAT) will also be paid on January milk.

In Northern Ireland, a base price of 26.55p/l will be paid for January milk, also the same as the December price paid.

There will also be the unconditional bonus of 1p/l.

“With the spring calving season commencing on many of the farms in the Lakeland Dairies region, dairy markets are broadly steady,” Lakeland said.

“In the main, commodity prices are unchanged, with a general stability in the market at present. Prices for main powder and butter products are on par with recent times and steady in the main. There are concerns, however, over the increased volume of milk production in the US.

Food service market

“The food service market continues to be hampered by COVID-19, with hotels, airlines, restaurants and the fast service market segment still largely closed across Europe.

“Key to recovery in this sector will be the continued rollout of a vaccination programme leading to a potential easement of societal and consumer restrictions.”

Lakeland said it will continue to monitor the market closely in the coming weeks.

The co-op also paid tribute to farmers, their families and rural communities for staying resilient and vigilant during the pandemic crisis and urged that all preventative measures should continue to be observed by everyone at all times in line with Government and health guidance.