The average price paid for agricultural land in Fermanagh during 2020 stood at £5,776/ac.

The price is down by 27%, or £2,176/ac, on the 2019 average of £7,952/ac.

The drop in land price is reflective of a larger proportion of land in the 2020 survey which is poorer quality.

There was also a sharp increase in the supply of land on the market in the county last year, which could have reduced demand among buyers.

Across all counties in NI, Fermanagh continues to have the lowest average land price. It ranks 29th across the island of Ireland, which is down from 19th position in last year’s land report.

However, when the sterling price is converted to euro, the Fermanagh average of €6,492/ac is similar to neighbouring counties in the Republic of Ireland. This includes Monaghan (€6,745/ac) and Roscommon (€7,713/ac), and it remains well ahead of Leitrim (€4,391/ac).

There were 2,343 acres publicly advertised for sale in the Erne County last year. This is an increase of 28%, or 517 acres, on the previous year. The area for sale equates to 0.88% of the county’s agricultural area.

However, the increased area is due to a larger average lot size, and not a sharp rise in the number of farms offered up for sale. There were 69 lots with an average size of 34 acres for sale in Fermanagh during 2020, which compares to 68 lots averaging 27 acres the year before.

Despite having the lowest county average in NI, the prices paid for good-quality land in Fermanagh match any other county. For example, over £21,000/ac was paid for nine acres and a small farmyard in the middle of Fermanagh last year.

The lowest price in our survey was £2,174/ac for a parcel of cuttable ground extending to over 50 acres in the southwest of the county.

Vital statistics

  • Average price*: £5,776/ac (€6,492/ac)
  • Price range*: £2,174/ac to £21,978/ac
  • Total area offered up: 2,343ac
  • Number of farms offered: 69
  • Average lot size: 34ac
  • Biggest farm offered: 202ac
  • *Based on 18 transactions