Born and raised on a big family farm in the Venetian countryside, Samuele Scomparin is currently based in Dublin.

Were you supported to pursue art as a career?

Unfortunately not. I trained as a lawyer, and still work full time as one. I’ve always been artsy but my family saw art as a hobby rather than a career. A few years ago, I decided to start this adventure and paint on a daily basis.


I did not have formal art training, but I took some art lessons at the local library. It was funny because it was me and about 10 other older ladies having the chats and finding our way through colours and canvasses.

Your work:

I love painting farm animals, it brings me back to my childhood and my family’s farm. My art is full of colour and big bold brush strokes, which makes my subjects come to life with their own personalities and stories. I primarily use oil paint that I source locally from an Irish artisan, or I make them myself grinding powdered pigments and oil.

Where do you find inspiration?

Farming and farm animals. There’s some beauty and kindness in these subjects and environments that I find inspiring. I want, as well, to showcase the beauty of Irish farming, so particular and unique in the world and yet not as well known as deserved.

Unique selling point:

I believe my art is particularly bold. When painting a cow, or a sheep, I give them a personality, a look, a funniness or a naughtiness. I make them the centre and prime subject of the attention. I am a farmer deep down, with hundreds of years of family history, I think I can tell a story about farming which is not just pure art but culture and love.

Career highlight:

To be able to collaborate with the Mater Foundation and donate some funds I collected selling my artworks to support the HSE at the beginning of the pandemic.

What is your process?

I start with a photo reference sketching the subject quite broadly. Then I study the colour scheme, usually no more than five colours (cerulean blue, titanium white, napalese yellow, burnt umber and burnt sienna) and I start laying down colours as I go. Slowly, I detach from the photo reference to give the subject a specific look and personality that I can’t quite get otherwise.

What role do you feel art plays in society?

Quoting one of my favourite poets, Gabriele d’Annunzio: “Everyone’s life should be like a work of art.” Art should aspire to be better every day and artists should give people the possibility to read the beauty that lays in front of everyone.

What keeps you awake?

Probably the uncertainty around being able to support my art with my art, rather than having to finance my art with my nine to five job.

Which social issues are you passionate about?

To raise awareness for all the environmental issues that our modern age is facing – definitely, I am passionate about that. We cannot live without farming, and farming cannot live without green fields and the shiny sun.

How can the public access your work?

Unfortunately, with the restrictions now, I can only show my paintings on social media or on my website. I am always seeking a partnership with an art gallery or some local business, so time will tell.

Samuele can be contacted through Instagram (@IrishFarmArt) or through his website Prices range from €30 to €500.