While 45kg is generally accepted to be the birthweight of the average calf, one newborn bucked the trend when he was born weighing just 4.5kg.

Dubbed Lil’ Bill by the vets who cared for him, he was born just a tenth of the typical weight of a normal calf. He was brought to the College of Veterinary Medicine in Mississippi State University (MSU) who shared photos of Bill on their Facebook.

The vets at MSU will be providing regular update on the calf's progress. \ MSU College of Veterinary Medicine Facebook

They said: “Occasionally, we get a case that has us scratching our heads a bit - Lil’ Bill is one of those cases.” MSU vets said they would share regular updates of his progress.

Mammoth steer

Elsewhere, in Australia a man has claimed to own the largest steer in the world. Nicknamed "Knickers", the bullock stands at 1.95m in height and weighs approximately 1.4 tonnes.

Knickers' the steer among his herdmates. \ Sharon Smith

Owner Geoff Pearson told Perth Now that Knickers’ size had saved his life as he was too big to be processed in the local factory.

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