UK visa rules to increase factory costs
Phelim O'Neill
While the main short term concern for UK meat factories is veterinary cover, the new visa rules for overseas workers will ultimately increase factory costs.
4 December 2023 Pedigree
'Keys to Success Angus' sale - opening doors for new genetics
Shanon Kinahan has all the details of the first of its kind 'Keys to Success Angus' sale.
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
NI Vet Corner: optimising performance when finishing lambs
Matthew Wright looks at some of the key issues to note when finishing store lambs.
UK could do more for food exports, MPs told
A committee of MPs has been told that much more could be done to remove trade barriers for UK agri food exporters.
22 November 2023 Northern Ireland
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland
22 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Britain extends bluetongue surveillance around Kent farm
A case of bluetongue serovirus-3 (BTV3 ) was detected in a single cow in Kent on 11 November.
18 November 2023 News
British bluetongue case sparks import ban
Farmers who have imported livestock since this date will be contacted by the regional veterinary office to arrange for surveillance testing.
15 November 2023 News
100s of cattle and sheep to be tested for Bluetongue
Livestock farmers in NI are urged to be on high alert, after Bluetongue was confirmed in Britain.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Bluetongue outbreak would 'severely impact' live trade
Deputy chief veterinary officer at the Department of Agriculture June Fanning outlines the impact of a case of bluetongue in Ireland, should one be identified.
15 November 2023 News
Bluetongue: ban on cattle and sheep moving from Britain to Ireland
Bluetongue does not affect human or food safety, but, if found here, would have a very negative impact on animal welfare and the livestock sector.
13 November 2023 News
Britain on high alert as bluetongue case confirmed
A 10km restriction zone is now in place around the farm in Kent, England, where a cow was confirmed with bluetongue.
11 November 2023 News
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
8 November 2023 Northern Ireland