Northern Ireland
NI news in brief: Balmoral, beef and butter
Kieran Mailey
M&S winners at Balmoral Show, the latest Dutch dairy auction prices and local NI beef trade remains strong.
6 May 2022 News
New vet medicine rules deferred until December due to IT issues
Adam Woods has the latest on the vet medicine rule changes and what the extension will mean for farmers.
4 May 2022 News
Less than a month until vet medicine rules change
The IFA has warned of unpreparedness to the veterinary medicine changes effective from next month.
Lessons to be learned from Bronckaers case
Reputations have been trashed and our whole animal traceability system questioned on the back of this case.
27 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Over 40% of veterinary professionals experiencing ‘abnormal’ stress levels
A Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) mental health study found that veterinary nurses and vets in non-managerial roles experience higher anxiety levels.
25 April 2022 News
Financial support needed for farmers implementing parasite control plans – IFA
The parasite control plan was launched through the Targeted Advisory Service for Animal Health (TASAH), whereby farmers can avail of free on-farm vet visits and acquire support for parasite control.
21 April 2022 News
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
20 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Scan wrongly diagnosed sheep with Jaagsiekte
A flock of 1,074 ewes were scanned by a vet who had training and experience in finding OPA lesions.
13 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Ukrainian farmers ask Europe for seed and medicine
Ukraine’s farmers have issued a plea to Europe to provide quantities of seed and veterinary medicines to ensure sufficient planting and the welfare of their animals.
9 April 2022 News
RTÉ plans drama on a dairy farm
The Dealer understands that Donnybrook scouts may be looking for actors to play farmers for an upcoming drama based on a dairy farm.
6 April 2022 Dealer
Vet medicines ‘shambles will put merchants out of business’
Vets, merchants and farmers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of information on the proposed changes to the use of licensed medicines after 1 June 2022.
6 April 2022 News
‘Limitations’ in badger cull study, admits editor
The controversial new study was conducted by wildlife campaigners and was published in the scientific journal Veterinary Record.
30 March 2022 News