The New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra is teaming up with Royal DSM to bring in the feed additive Bovaer, which has helped to achieve a reduction in bovine methane emissions by up to 30%.

Although the 30% figure has only been proven in non-pasture-based systems, Fonterra intends to see if it will work in New Zealand’s pasture or grass-based dairy farm systems.

“We need to find a breakthrough in reducing emissions from cows and Bovaer could provide exactly that. This work with DSM is an exciting opportunity for the co-op,” Fonterra group director farm source Richard Allen says.


Fonterra chief science and technology officer Professor Jeremy Hill also said it was a way to accelerate their global leadership in terms of delivering low-carbon dairy products.

“Fonterra is working closely with DSM New Zealand to ensure that any innovation is well tested and can easily be distributed and used by our farmers,” he said.

Agriculture and emissions from cows have been increasingly under the spotlight and many Irish farmers will be interested to see the developments the New Zealand dairy processor is taking.