The majority of farmers applying for planning permission for new builds in the second quarter of 2022 were in the southern region, with 118 applications granted.

Central Statistics Office (CSO) data shows that a total of 51 applications for new builds were granted for those in the north and west of the country, with a further 45 applications granted to farmers in the east and midlands. A total of 29 applications were granted across the country for extensions to farm buildings.

Just four applications were granted for alterations and conversions nationally.

Although it had the lowest number of applications granted, the east and midlands had the highest average building size per application at 844m². This was followed by an average building size of 627m² in the south, with the north and west having the smallest average building size of 490m².


With TAMS soon entering in to its final tranche, many farmers are still availing of the grant aid where planning permission is required for all new farm buildings above 200m², with a letter of exemption from a local county council sufficing for those less than this area.

A capital investment scheme, similar to TAMS, has been proposed by the Department of Agriculture in the next CAP that would see farmers receive grants of 40% to 60% for investments in nutrient storage and animal welfare, with an investment ceiling of €90,000, excluding LESS equipment.