Input prices up 37% in year to September
Noel Bardon
Farm output prices did not keep up with rising input prices in the 12 months up to this September.
3 November 2022 News
CSO figures confirm surge in farm input costs
Preliminary estimates from the Central Statistics Office indicate a 34.7% rise in the agricultural input price index for 2022.
27 October 2022 News
Cattle kill up 100,000 head to end of September
The most recent figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that the kill increased by 7.7% to the end of September.
Farm input costs up 38% in a year – CSO
Input costs have been rising for farmers from the beginning of 2021 but output prices have not kept pace.
12 October 2022 News
Milk supplies up almost 1% in August
Milk supplied to creameries by Irish dairy farmers is up compared with this time last year.
30 September 2022 News
Suckler cow numbers continue to slide
There was 7.396m cattle in Ireland as of June, a 0.5% increase year on year.
29 September 2022 News
Over 200 planning applications for new farm buildings in second quarter
Despite high input costs, 214 planning permission applications were granted to farmers for new builds in the second quarter of the year, according to CSO statistics.
28 September 2022 News
Opinion: we need to raise the bar to keep agricultural relief intact
Agricultural relief is entirely necessary to prevent crippling young farmers with massive tax bills, but the Commission on Taxation and Welfare has concerns, and so do I.
17 September 2022 Opinion
In-pig sow numbers down 11% in 12 months
CSO figures suggest that there will be fewer pigs coming on-stream over the medium-term than there had been in previous years.
15 September 2022 Pigs
Farm input and output gap ‘widening’ - IFA
The Irish Farmers Association says the latest CSO figures on farm output and input prices mean the farm sector will need support to keep its head above water.
13 September 2022 News
Pig prices up 18% in year – CSO
The CSO has released its latest analysis on the prices farmers received for their produce in July 2022.
13 September 2022 News
Feed costs continue to push higher – CSO
The CSO’s agriculture input price index for July 2022 shows farmers are continuing to pay prices far higher than those experienced in 2021.
13 September 2022 News