The date of 5 November marked the first international day against bullying and violence in school. According to UNESCO, almost one in three students has been bullied at school at least once in the last month. A similar proportion was affected by physical violence. They are astonishing statistics.

If it wasn’t for a bully, I often wonder where I’d be in life. He wasn’t so much a bully but an older boy a year ahead of me in primary school who gave me a hiding at Gaelic football training one afternoon. He tackled me. I reacted and he absolutely battered me. That happens on the pitch, but the following day in school he sought me out to taunt me and continued to be intimidating, without being physically violent, for about a year afterwards. It continued to the point that my heart would sink at the mere sight of him. It affected me so much, that I changed my choice of secondary school to avoid him as he had moved on to that same school.