Ukrainian firm Technopol showcased its Yukon liquid fertiliser applicator. Making its debut at the show, the unit is designed to place liquid fertiliser directly under the rooting system. Designed for crops, the manufacturer said it will work in grassland also.

A pressurised feed from the 3,000l sprayer tank feeds the syringe-type hardened tips, allowing the liquid fertiliser to be injected. Technopol claims the tips can last for up to 5,000ha. It can apply rates from 15l/ha right up to 600l/ha.

The manufacturer claims that the tips have the potential to last for up to 5,000ha.

Clocking in at 6m long and 2.2m wide, the machine is available in 6m, 9m and 12m working widths. Row widths can be adjusted for row spacings from 250mm to 700mm. With a typical forward speed of 10-12km/h, the firm says output rates of 6-7ha/hr are achievable. The machine is shod on 230/95R48 tyres, but can take wider tyres and still sit within legal regulations. Weighing in at 2,950kg, Technopol recommends a 120-150hp tractor and the unit is priced at €50,000 plus VAT.