Optimer L 5000 disc harrow

In terms of stubble cultivation, Kuhn offers its tried-and-tested Optimer L disc harrow and Cultimer tine harrow range.

The Optimer disc harrow range spans from 3m to 12.5m in working widths. Depending on the disc type selected, the Optimer is intended for cultivations at depths between 3cm and 15cm.

The Optimer L lineup is equipped with two rows of 510mm discs, with smaller or large notches and is capable of working down to depths of 6cm and 10cm. Those wanting to work deeper can opt for the Optimer XL models, which come equipped with large 620mm discs that can cultivate down to 15cm. All discs are mounted on maintenance-free hubs.

Both the L and XL versions are available in 3m, 3.5m and 4m mounted forms, with the L also available in 4m, 5m and 6m mounted configurations.

All larger models thereafter are trailed. Options include front levelling boards, cover crop shredder roller, front gauge wheels, as well as numerous rear-pack roller options.

An air-seeder is also available.

The Optimer L 5000 5m trailed disc harrow.

Performer 3000 disc/tine cultivator

Designed for deeper cultivations, Kuhn offers its Performer disc/tine combination cultivator range.

Spanning in working widths from 3m (3000) to 7m (7000), the Performer is designed to carry out up to four tasks in one pass.

Up front, all models are equipped with two rows of 510mm discs for shallow mixing followed by four rows of hydraulically protected tines for added mixing and deeper cultivations.

A range of tips and wings are available to suit the desired result. Located behind the tines are levelling discs before the surface is then consolidated with one of the three available roller options. The rear roller is also used to control working depth.

Adding to the Performer’s versatility, depending on the task, each tool bar can be used individually or combined, ie for shallow mixing both the discs and legs could be used once the latter are set shallow and are fitted with suitable tips and wings.

The Performer disc and tine cultivator.

Kuhn Venta 3030 one-pass

Popular here in Ireland, the Venta 3030 one-pass pneumatic seed drill was showcased in combination with a CD 1202 disc cultivator.

Also compatible with HR power harrow range, the Venta is aimed for use in ploughed or min-till situations. According to Kuhn, the CD disc harrow can be swapped out for a HR power harrow in less than 10 minutes.

The Kuhn Venta 3030 and CD 1202 disc harrow combination.

The Venta drill is available in three models; the 3010 with Suffolk coulters, the 3020 with double discs and the 3030 with the firm’s parallelogram-guided Seedflex double-disc coulter system.

All three are available with 125mm or 150mm row spacings.

The Venta is available with either a 1,500l or 1,800l hopper. The hopper lid has been designed to open through 90 degrees for ease of loading.

Positioned underneath the hopper is the firm’s electric metering unit which is able to manage seeding rates from 1kg to 430kg/ha.

Half width shutoff and seed blockage detection is optionally available.

A ratchet system to the side of the drill leaves seed depth adjustment easy and independent of the front harrow.

Power-harrow pressure can also be centrally adjusted. In terms of control, Isobus and non-Isobus options are available, with the latter coming fitted with the Quantron S2 terminal.

Espro 4000 RC trailed drill

The Espro 4000 RC min-till trailed drill was also demonstrated at the event.

The Espro range comprises working widths from 3m to 8m, which not only are suited for min-till applications but for drilling into ploughed land also.

Within the lineup, there are two RC models, the 4000 and 6000, which offer a split hopper and a second metering unit for the application of fertiliser or a second seed variety

The Espro features two rows of 460mm cultivating discs followed by a single row of 900mm diameter offset press wheels.

The Espro 4m trailed drill with split hopper.

RC models feature an additional row of disc coulters behind the cultivating discs, which accurately place the fertiliser or a second seed variety. This coulter arrangement places the second seed type or fertiliser granules between the main seed rows.

The 4,000l hopper on the 4000 RC (5,000l on 6000 RC) is divided on a 60:40 basis with two separate metering and distribution systems, which provide the possibility for several potential modes of operation. When drilling a single crop, the seeds pass through both metering units but are brought together in the main distribution head. Seeding is done via the Crossflex double-disc coulter bar.

Finishing the process, rubber press wheels ensure good soil-to-seed contact followed by a covering harrow.

The Vistaflow system further aids the drill’s functionality, enabling any tramlining rhythm, half width shutoff, as well as seed tube blockage detection.

Optional levelling paddles and front press wheels with in-cab adjustment can be added for further levelling ahead of the discs, with the latter also helping prevent sinkage in tougher drilling conditions.