New tractor registrations for the month of May show a 9% increase on May 2021, with 17 more tractors registered according to the most recent figures released from the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA).

This narrows the gap on last year’s year to date figure from 12% last month to 9% this month.

The figures show that a total of 214 new tractors were registered this May, an increase of 9% on the 197 units registered during the same month last year.

A total of 1,314 new tractors have been registered so far this year up until the end of May in the Republic of Ireland, also down 9% on the 1,449 units in 2021.

Component shortages and supply chain issues continue to extend delivery lead times, affecting registration figures.

Most registrations

The three counties with the most registrations during May are Cork, with 40 units taking its year to date figure to 191; Tipperary, with 20 units leaving it with a year to date figure of 105; and Mayo, with 18 units taking its year to date total to 82.

This leaves Cork (191 units), Tipperary (105 units) and Wexford (85 units) with the most new tractor registrations for the year so far. Leitrim (seven units) and Sligo (11 units) remain the two counties with the lowest registrations to date this year. Sligo was the only county to record no new registrations for May.

Power band

The most popular power band for the year to date has moved for May from 121-140hp (257 units) to 141-160hp (268 units) which for the year to-date now accounts for 20.4% of all new tractor registrations. Tractors in the power band lower than 100hp now account for 10.13% (133 units) of all new tractor registrations this year to date while tractors sold over 200hp account for 9.81% (129 units) of registrations.