Mayo manufacturer McHale has made a number of updates to its range of balers ahead of the approaching silage season.

Isobus is now available as an optional extra on all McHale Fusion 3 Pro and Fusion 3 Plus machines.

When the machine is fitted with Isobus, it can be plugged into any Isobus tractor connection and operated through the terminal in the cab.

If required, the machine can also be specified with an optional Isobus terminal. Additionally, customers have the ability to specify a 1000rpm gearbox on their McHale machine.

Customers have the ability to specify a 1,000rpm gearbox on their McHale Fusion or baler.


A choice of either a five-tine bar cam track pickup or a six-tine bar camless pickup is being offered.

McHale has further developed its pickups, with the introduction of larger augers to provide more efficient crop movement.

The larger rotors direct crop into the rotor while the rotor has also increased in diameter to improve intake.


The manufacturer says the angle at which the floor is positioned has been redesigned to increase crop flow into the chamber. This includes the introduction of the adaptive intake which the firm claims allows the intake area to automatically adjust for light and heavy crops.

McHale says the adaptive intake plate sits higher in low volumes of crop and can adjust to a lower position for higher volumes of crop. This is designed to avoid peak loads.