There is more life in the lamb trade this week, with prices increasing by 5c/kg to 10c/kg.

This has been helped by Kildare Chilling offering a quote of €6.20/kg as well as its 10c/kg quality assurance bonus. Prices at the top-end of the market range from €6.35/kg to €6.45/kg, and higher in cases.

Breeding sales have entered the peak trading period, with special sales in full flight. Reports from sales are hugely contrasting, with the differential between top- and plainer-quality hoggets remaining at upwards of €80 to €100 per head. Top-quality hoggets are trading from €200 to €250 in special sales and from €180 to €225 in general sales. Medium-quality lots range from €170 to €190, while light and underfleshed hoggets are trading from €140 to €165, with many of these returning home unsold.?

Top-quality ewe lambs range from €130 to €160, with prizewinning lots rising to €180 to €200.