I farm: “Around 140 acres on the banks of the River Blackwater and I honestly think we’ve some of the best land in Ireland. I was milking cows for 40 years but got out of them this March and just have the heifers now. I also have three horses in training and a few broodmares. I ride them out myself every morning.”

Cows: ”I had 120 pedigree Shorthorn cows, they’re lovely cows an???d great milkers. I had Friesians for years but I was having awful issues with lameness, getting them in calf and I found they were only staying in production for three or four seasons.”

Heifers: ”I have 40 in-calf Shorthorn heifers and they’re getting maize and silage at the moment. I used to sow maize every year for the cows. All the heifers are in the shed three weeks now at this stage. I plan on selling them and I might buy a few cattle then.”

Hay: “I made 5ac of hay this year for the first year because I had the grass to spare. I had silage left over from the cows and that’s what I’m giving the heifers.”

Tillage: ”I sowed 55ac of spring barley this year which I haven’t done since the 1970s. I also sowed oats for the horses and have my own roller here on the farm. I went into the Tillage Incentive Scheme this year which was worth a good bit to me. I’ll sow another bit again because the scheme is continuing into next year.”

Scheme: “I’m in the Glanbia voluntary retirement scheme so I can’t milk again for five years. At the time they thought they were going to have too much milk so this was a scheme they offered. It pays all right, I wouldn’t have gotten into it otherwise. If my son was interested in farming, I’d go back at it but I’d have to put in an underpass and a few other bits.”