I farm: “96ac owned, and 155ac through shared farming. I’ve 50ac of spring oats to plant. We have the winter crop in. The oats supply our on-farm mill – The Merry Mill. Our oats are the only certified organic and gluten-free oats in Ireland. We sell them all over the world.”

This week: “We ploughed what we wanted to plough. It was ley ground. Ground conditions were never as good for this time of year. I’m nearly tempted to sow behind the plough, but there’s a good chance the rain will come. We’ll get sowing in early March. We plough and sow the stubble fields at the same time. I think it keeps the nutrients locked in.”

Organic manures: “I finish Wagyu beef. We started the Wagyu at the same time as the oats, but the oats really took off. It’s important to have the organic manure from the animals as fertiliser for the oats.”

Kevin Scully is growing and milling his own gluten-free, organic oats. \ Philip Doyle

The mill: “We mill to order. We mill four days a week, and at the minute we’re building an extension, so it’s busy. We’re going to double our capacity this year. We’re putting in a whole new mill. I do the Laois deliveries myself. We use An Post for most deliveries. It’s taking about 10 days to get product to the US and with reduced flights, it’s taking two months to get to Australia.”