The farm: “I help my Grandad Milo Delaney and uncle Michael on their farm every day. They have about 400 cattle.”

The animals: “We keep a mixture of Friesian, Limousin and Charolais cattle, bullocks and heifers. Sometimes we have a heifer who turns up in calf and we would keep her and the calf too. My favourite are the Friesians.”

The system: “We buy all the cattle as calves at different marts – Thurles, Kilkenny and Cashel. Then when they get home I feed them milk and I like to go in the loader to help feeding them. They all go to the factory when they are older, we send them to Slaney and Dawn in Waterford.”

Routine: “Every day after school and at weekends I get changed to go on the farm. I wear wellies or boots, my work clothes and my New Holland overalls.”

Favourite jobs: “My favourite job is hunting cattle on the road, moving them from one field to another. I help with dosing too. After Michael and Milo cut their tails and dose them, I hunt them out again.”

Part-time milker: “I like helping my other uncle, Stephen, milking his cows too. He’s just two minutes down the road from us. I don’t think I’ll go milking with the Farm Relief when I’m bigger though. I’ll have enough to do here at home.”

Favourite mart: “My favourite mart is Cashel, because I get to help hunt the cattle there.”

Favourite tractor: “I like New Hollands and John Deeres but my favourite is New Holland.”

Family: "My Dad’s name is Martin, my Mam is Noreen and I have an older brother, Richard. My other uncle Eamon is farming near us too."

Next steps: “I’m in third class at Scoil Ruadháin in Tullaroan and my teacher’s name is Miss O’Dowd. I’ll be making my Communion this year and if I get any money, I’ll use it to buy a calf.”