Halloween and healthy treats rarely fall under the one umbrella. If your house is like mine, the loot gathered from an evening trick-or-treating is generally enough to cater for a child’s birthday party. As it is only one night of the year, I try not to nag. I loved Halloween as a child and one of the main attractions was the opportunity to gorge on goodies I would only dream about at other times of the year. So, I understand the temptation.

The only trick I can offer to other parents is to provide some nutritious foods early in the evening, leaving less space in little tummies for sweets and chocolates. I was many years into adulthood before I realised that my own mother had this plan sussed at an early stage, as each Halloween evening an offering of colcannon and fried eggs was traditionally served. This plate of buttered spuds and eggs was warmly embraced as it became a tradition. As much as I tried to continue this with my own crew, it only worked on two of the four children, so a few other dishes have had to step up to the mark.