Ask Miriam: ‘I have always struggled with my weight’
Ask Miriam
This week, Miriam hears from a reader who wants to overhaul her lifestyle in time for her 40th birthday.
10 April 2024 News
Health special: food as medicine?
The idea of ‘food as medicine’ can include an element of pseudo-science, but research is proving that some foods do, in fact, have the power to heal, writes Janine Kennedy.
20 March 2024 Sport
Keep on running
Having put a frustrating period of illness behind her, the ‘Ballineen Bullet’ Phil Healy is gunning for the Paris Olympics, writes Denis Hurley.
Katherine O'Leary: 'I can continue getting well'
Let the people who love us help – especially when we need it most, writes Katherine O’Leary.
7 February 2024 Katherine O'Leary
Health: what’s breast for you?
Suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain or a ‘dipped headlights’ chest? Strengthening your back muscles and wearing a well-fitted bra can ease that pressure, writes Margaret Hawkins.
31 January 2024 Health
Colour blindness: seeing the world through different eyes
At least one pupil in every classroom and one person on every male sports team is likely to be colour vision deficient but is there enough awareness of the challenges? asks Margaret Hawkins.
17 January 2024 Health