Bogballe have now replaced its Calibrator Zurf control terminal with the new Calibrator Totz terminal for control of its weigh cell machines. This full colour touchscreen unit offers full GPS compatibility. Functions such as the engagement and disengagement of headland spreading, application rate, spread width etc can all be viewed and changed from the home screen now. Section control status is also displayed, showing section widths and the amount of fertiliser going to each of the 40 virtual sections, etc.

The new Calibrator Totz terminal follows on from the updated M line weigh cell machines a few years back which introduced the new chassis design and new weigh cell software.

New for 2021 is the corner spreading feature. This is where the spreader adjusts the section control actuators to divert more fertiliser to the headland corner (fast side) as it makes its way around the headland run.

Also new is the Multican system, where the headland spreading and section control actuators are controlled from the one control unit mounted on the chassis. This allows for greater flexibility among actuators. For example if a section control actuator fails, the operator can simply plug out the headland actuator and plug into the socket of the failed section control actuator. This essentially means one actuator fits all and eliminates downtime.

Meanwhile, Bogballe have launched a new E4 T for improved control during headland spreading. The E4 T is specifically for 27m, 28m and 30m spreading widths.