The New Zealand (NZ) government is considering placing a conditional ban on the live export of cattle. Its Minister for Agriculture Damien O’Connor stated that: “The continued export of cattle may be a risk to New Zealand’s brand.

"When animals leave New Zealand we set conditions that are considered world-class by veterinarians. But there have been incidents over the last few years that highlight the fact that once animals leave New Zealand we have very limited ability to ensure their well-being when they reach their destination."

According to O'Connor, this is not acceptable to him or the majority of New Zealanders. “Consumers increasingly care about where their food comes from, animal welfare standards are a growing focus of consumers around the world. We need to ensure we have the highest level of animal welfare standards. Our economic well-being depends on it."

New Zealand exported almost $30m (€17.45m) worth of cattle last year.

O'Connor will present a paper outlining the options on live cattle exports to his government shortly for cross party consultation. He said this could "include a tightening up of existing standards or conditional prohibition on some or all parts of trade”.


Meanwhile back in Ireland, Compassion in World Farming Ireland and the Party for Animal Welfare will hold a protest against the live export of animals outside Leinster house on Wednesday 12 June.

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