So, I was hanging with the tiredness and really looking forward to breakfast, with just one more job to do: tag the new arrival.

I could smell the rashers and I was genuinely salivating at the thought of a soft fried egg, when it dawned on me I had forgotten the colour combination for the rapidly disappearing bundle of Mullinahone calf tags.

We are genotyping all newborns in an attempt to do our bit to find the real number plate for each calf.

I suddenly drew a blank when it came to matching up the right tags with the right bottles.

Was it the white tag for the blue-topped bottle? The yellow tag for the pink-topped bottle? Or was it the yellow tag for the blue-capped bottle?

I baulked, I couldn’t recall, so I just dropped all and went for the rasher.

I came back to find a creamy, white yellow scour on all the bottles. I thought to myself, now, this will test the colour police in Weatherbys.

At least I had no empty sample which I hear is worse, as you then have to order a new tag. Small blessings.