Security tags on supermarket beef
The Dealer
Not only do cattle have to have tags all their lives but now they need them on the supermarket shelf as well.
15 February 2023 Letters
Letter regarding automatic calf feeders
"Electronic ear tags in calves - the right ear is the wrong ear" - Name and address with editor
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Big range in price quotes for cattle tags
Farmers looking to order identification tags before calving and lambing starts should note there is a range in price quotes between manufacturers.
€1.7m paid out in electronic tag scheme
Minister McConalogue stated that the roll-out of electronic tags will benefit farmers, factories and vets.
14 December 2022 News
New technologies offer huge opportunities
From robotic milking and automatic feeding systems to early identification of health issues and fast-tracking advancements in breeding, animal identification technologies are a key part of efficiency.
30 November 2022 News
Farmer Writes: winter starting to close in
Grass is really bucking the trend, with mild temperatures driving exceptional late season growth right across the country.
16 November 2022 Farmer Writes
The top five cross compliance non-compliances found in 2021
Over 8,000 cross-compliance inspections were carried out by the Department of Agriculture last year.
2 November 2022 News