The long-awaited National Biomethane Strategy is set to be approved by cabinet on Tuesday 28 May.

The strategy includes over 20 measures and actions, each to be completed by members of the steering committee, aimed at stimulating the development of the biomethane industry.

A draft strategy was put to public consultation earlier this year, receiving hundreds of responses.

The draft provided a high-level outline of how the Government intends to achieve its vision for a new “agri-centric and farmer-led” anaerobic digestion (AD) industry.


The launch of the strategy will be accompanied by a €40m package to provide capital grants to developers.

The terms and conditions of the grant aid, such as the amount per plant, the need for planning permission and licences, off-take agreements, match funding or proof that the renewable gas will be used in the Republic of Ireland, are not yet known.

However, it is likely that the plants will have to be operational by 2025.

The funding for the initial tranche of AD plants will be provided by the Department of Agriculture, under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

It is understood that the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications will source additional funding from 2025.

Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said that he will open an expression of interest call for a biomethane capital grant of €40m.

"This funding will encourage early adopters in the industry. From an agricultural perspective, benefits have been identified, such as alternative farm income avenues through production of renewable energy, availability of digestate reducing fertiliser costs and providing alternative land use options for farmers that choose diversification," he said.

Renewable heat obligation

Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan will provide additional details on the renewable heat obligation (RHO) being developed by his department and future funding.

This obligation will incentivise suppliers of fossil fuels used for heat to ensure an increasing proportion of the energy they supply is renewable.

A new high-level biomethane implementation group under the Department of the Environment will be created to support the implementation of the strategy and target delivery.

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