Celina Morrin, Adamstown, Co Wexford

Wexford farmer Celina Morrin with sons Harry and Noah.


“It’s been desperate. I don’t think we’ve experienced rain as bad in such a long time. The land is just pure swamp. It’s been tough going and if it doesn’t get any better, it’s going to make the winter really, really long.

“Lambs are not thriving as great as other years. Especially, even with their feet and all, they’ve problems. Standings out in the wet is not great, their little hoofs.

“[Government’s performance] is absolutely desperate. They’re wanting to get rid of farmers really. There’s no kind of incentive for the young people to go into farming.

"They’re giving out about cows being out on the land and if they let off wind, it’s affecting the environment. To me, I think the Government are against it. There’s no incentive to go into farming.”

Barry Ryan, Co Tipperary

Barry and Siobhán Ryan with sons Tadhg and Gearóid and Ciarán Troy.


“The weather has been tough enough, but the summer hasn’t been too bad really. We got silage in and sure corn is cut now.

“I only kind of buy [weanlings] at the start of the year and hold on with what I have until the end of the year.

"I buy weanlings again then and see how I go. I don’t really buy [weanlings] until November, so hopefully they’ll come back a small bit by then, but it doesn’t look like it.

“Not really, no [future in beef finishing]. They’d want to really have a job at the same time. There’s not a huge amount out of it.

“[Government’s performance for agriculture] is not good. They’re not looking after the small lad at all really. I’m a small farmer, but the bigger lads are getting bigger and the smaller lads are getting smaller.

“Milk is the big thing and sure beef is a small thing. The price of that, meal and everything, it’s very hard to stay going.”

Caitlin Farrell, Co Kildare

Caitlin Farrell farms sheep and cattle in Co Kildare and works in Tullow Mart.

Sheep and cattle

“It’s really, really tough now, especially with the prices of meal and everything. The prices for everything are gone beyond a joke really.

"It’d absolutely make me think about cutting numbers. It doesn’t really make it a hobby any more. It just makes it an expense really.

“There’s a good lively trade [in Tullow Mart], lots of buyers and sellers coming and going. I have to say it’s a well-run mart. We do our best and try and get everyone their best, to keep everyone happy.

Caitlin Farrell farms sheep and cattle in Co Kildare and works in Tullow Mart.

“Weanlings are started there last Saturday, on every Saturday now until the end of November. There’s been a good start, a good trade, good demand for them all.

“I surely do hope [there’s a future in beef and sheep]. It’s not as popular as it used to be. I think there’s a lot of people going out of it now to be honest.

“[Government] could do more help for the agri. There’s a lot of expense out there. Farmers could do with a bit of help because at the end of the day, farmers are what produce everything.”