Mudanjiang City farm, China

The biggest farm in the world (in terms of acreage) can be found in China. Mudanjiang City farm is located in Heilongjiang and is currently undergoing construction. It spans 22,500,000 acres and has 100,000 cows, producing 800m litres milk per year. The farm expanded two years ago to meet demand in Russia, following the ban there on EU dairy products.

Modern Dairy, China

The second biggest farm in the world can also be found in China and again is in dairy. The Modern Dairy is located in Anhui and covers 11,000,000 acres. The 40,000 cows produce 600 tons milk per day. Before Mudanjiang City farm expanded, Modern Dairy held the title for the biggest farm in the world.

John Malone, US

The billionaire businessman and media giant became the biggest landowner in the US in February 2011, owning a huge 2,100,000 acres. Most of the land is forestry and ranches. He owns Silver Spur Ranches, a ranching and beef company which includes the Silver Spur Ranch in Encampment, Wyoming, Bell Ranch and the TO Ranch in New Mexico as well as ranches in Walden, Colorado and Kiowa, Colorado.

Irish land has really been grabbing the billionaire’s attention in recent years, and he has built up quite the portfolio since 2012. He now owns the Westin hotel, the Hilton on Charlemont Place and the Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin, the Limerick Strand Hotel on the River Shannon.

He also bought Humewood Castle in Co Wicklow in 2012 as well Ballylinch Stud at Thomastown, Co Kilkenny and the Castlemartin estate in Co Kildare.

Ted Turner, US

The man John Malone knocked off the top spot six years ago was Ted Turner. The American media mogul and businessman is most famous for being the founder of CNN and he owns 1,910,585 acres spread across 15 ranches in Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. In January last year he bought the Bluestem Ranch mainly to farm buffalo across the 43,000 acres.

Anna Creek Station, Australia

Occupying 6,000,000 acres, Anna Creek Station in Australia is the world’s largest working cattle station. The farm has the ability to have a herd of 16,500 cattle.

The farm was owned by Kidman and Co, which is one of Australia’s largest beef producers and has a herd of 185,000 cattle. However, at the end of last year it was bought by Williams Cattle Company.

Almarai, Saudi Arabia

Dairy company Almarai’s farm in the Saudi desert which is 6km long by 3km wide, with one third of the 2,200 hectares under buildings.

There are six farms in total and 46,000 cows. The cows produce 960,000 litres every day, with a milk truck leaving the Almarai farm every 40 minutes. This year will see 23,000 cows calving and 2,600 calves are fed twice a day on milk.

Earlier this year the Irish Farmers Journal visited the farm, click here to see more photos from the farm.

Alexandria Station, Australia

Alexandria Station, also in Australia, operates as a cattle enterprise and covers 16,116 square kilometres. The farm has a herd of about 55,000 cattle and 10,000 bales of hay are made every year.

Clifton Hills Station in South Australia

Also up there among the largest farms in the world Clifton Hills Station in South Australia. It was first established in 1876 and has 4,200,000 acres.

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