Middle East – fertiliser loss

An estimated 21,000t of fertiliser has been lost with the sinking of a UK-registered cargo ship in the Red Sea following a missile strike.

Brazil – increase in pork production

USDA is forecasting a 4% increase in Brazil’s pork production in 2024 to 4.6m tonnes due to greater pig supply and reduced cost of feed.

Australia – another record in 2024

Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest forecast is that lamb production in 2024 will be the third record year in a row at 621,000t, 9% more than 2023, the previous highest volume.

USA – drop in maize exports

USDA reports that maize exports for week ending 2 March were 1.1m tonnes, down 200,000t on the previous week, but higher than the 945,000t exported in the same week last year.