Feed prices hold firm despite weakening grain market
Declan Marren
Despite a weakening grain market, concentrate feed prices remain largely unchanged into February with feed mills having locked into supplies in late 2022 to see them through the first months of 2023.
1 February 2023 Markets
Grain Trends: markets recover from last week
Grain markets have recovered from last week and oilseed rape prices are also looking positive at present.
24 January 2023 News
Could wheat replace maize in whiskey distilleries?
There is another year of data to be added to this research, which is showing promising results for the use of Irish wheat in whiskey production.
Grain Trends: markets move down once again
Grain markets continued to move downwards this week. Oilseed rape prices were also declining.
18 January 2023 Markets
Grain Trends: markets continue to fall
Markets showed no sign of lifting over the past week. The French wheat price dropped almost €10/t in a week.
11 January 2023 Markets
Soya hike scuppers lower feed prices
Soya prices are rising, lifting the value of other protein feed straights.
4 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Grain Trends: another week of falling prices
Sentiment and competitively priced grains of Black Sea origin continued to push grain prices down over the past week.
14 December 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: Black Sea deal pressuring prices
Lack of confidence on the demand side is one of the main reasons for the weakening grain price sentiment.
7 December 2022 Markets
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Updates from Ukraine, New Zealand, USA and world food price index.
7 December 2022 World
Grain Trends: futures flat - physicals lack a driver
Slow demand is adding to downward price pressure, as more sellers come to a weakening market.
30 November 2022 Markets
Ration prices set to hold for December
The latest indications from the feed trade are that prices will be unchanged in December.
30 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Are maize imports on the rise?
Maize imports were at high numbers from May to September and overall maize imports seem to have returned to high levels.
29 November 2022 News