Although factory quotes for U-3 grading cattle remain on 370p/kg, farmers indicate that agents are keen to secure stock.

Reports suggest prices continue to edge upwards, with 378p to 380p/kg becoming more widely available on steers, with deals crossing into the low 380s for regular finishers.

There are also reports of cattle sold through breed schemes, or under supply agreements, starting on 374p/kg before bonus payments apply.


Heifers are also moving at prices above the 380p/kg mark, with a few reports of butcher-type animals pushing upwards to 390p/kg.


Price reports on cull cows vary depending on the processor. Farmers with good-quality suckler bred cows have secured deals of 290p to 300p/kg for R-grading types, with 10p to 20p/kg more on offer for U grading animals.


Factory quotes on finished lambs are officially holding at 470p to 475p/kg. However, farmers indicate 480p/kg is widely available, with deals of 485p/kg on offer, and isolated cases of 490p/kg paid to larger finishers. With marts closing this week, the final sales for 2020 saw heavy lambs making £107 to £112, with lighter sorts selling from £97 to £106.

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