Global sheep prices: Australian prices record significant improvement
Darren Carty
Australian prices have increased to the equivalent of upwards of €5/kg, but New Zealand farmers remain in big trouble, with farmgate returns at just €3.70/kg.
17 July 2024 Markets
Severe lamb price cuts finally halted
A couple of plants have still moved to reduce base quotes by 15c/kg to 20c/kg but its success is variable with other plants holding quotes steady.
17 July 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: quotes vary from firm to 20c/kg lower
A number of plants have dropped their base quote below €7/kg, but there are no lambs moving below this level, with agents exhibiting a greater appetite for lambs this week.
NI Trends: positive beef trade as supplies tighten; lamb trade steadies
There is more life in the beef trade across Northern Ireland, as supplies continue to tighten. The lamb trade has finally settled after downward price pressure.
17 July 2024 Markets
Tight supplies underpin NI beef trade
There is a more positive outlook for prices within the beef trade this week and improved demand in the live ring is benefiting lamb prices.
17 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmer views: 'Too much work in sheep for too little reward'
Grace Hoare speaks to six IFA sheep committee members to gauge their thoughts on grass growth, sheep prices, wool and other issues.
17 July 2024 News
Sheep price update: factory quotes steady to 20c/kg lower
It is a similar story from marts, with some recording a steady to stronger trade, while others have seen prices ease by €2 to €4/head.
15 July 2024 Markets
Farmers rocked as lamb prices fall by €10/hd
Prices have now fallen by approximately €1.80/kg over the last four weeks, with the value of a finished lamb falling from €35 to €40/head.
10 July 2024 Markets
Fat lamb prices continue to drop
Lamb prices remain under pressure and are down by more than £30 since mid-June
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Sheep mart prices: lambs suffer another fall of €5 to €10 per head
With significant factory price cuts coming thick and fast, agents are less willing to lock horns, resulting in a much more subdued trade this week.
10 July 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: another €10 knocked off lamb prices
Base quotes have fallen by another 50c/kg to a base of €7/kg following a 20c/kg cut at the weekend and a further 30c/kg cut on Thursday.
10 July 2024 Markets
NI Trends: bank holiday keeps beef prices steady; lamb quotes still in reverse
There is no movement on beef prices in Northern Ireland, as plants operate on a shorter week with the bank holiday weekend. However, lamb prices continue to fall.
10 July 2024 Markets