With a starting price of 28.5p/l that is nearly 1p/l ahead of others, both Strathroy and Glanbia Milk dominate the monthly 1m litre league table for January supplies (Table B).

The prices outlined are for milk produced at the three different qualities outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

On good quality milk, Glanbia Milk/Fivemiletown is out in front on an alternate day price of 30.77p/l for January.

Higher premiums

The Virginia based processor edges out Strathroy by paying higher premiums on milk solids, plus a 0.2p/l hygiene bonus for keeping cell counts below 10 TBC and 100 SCC.

Strathroy is third on 30.56p/l, making it the Omagh processors’ highest ever league finish for good quality milk.

Aurivo rises two places to fourth on 30.53p/l for January. Lakeland slips four places to fifth, while Glanbia Cheese and Dale Farm round out the table.

With a number of processors not paying a winter bonus in January, the average price for good-quality milk is 30.4p/l, down from 31.36p/l in December.

Average quality

Moving to average-quality milk, which is the best indicator of actual farmgate price in NI, the average price paid across all processors was 29.72p/l, down 0.73p/l on the previous month.

Strathroy leads the way, with a price of 30.14p/l. As with the 650,000 league, Strathroy last led the 1m litre monthly league back in June 2019.

Glanbia Milk is second on 30.08p/l. While Glanbia Milk paid 0.29p/l more for milk at the outlined qualities, Strathroy’s 0.2p/l Red Tractor premium and zero collection charge (worth the equivalent of 0.15p/l to a Glanbia supplier) puts Strathroy out in front.

Rolling average prices

For the 12-month rolling average price, Lakeland Dairies overtakes Glanbia Milk to top the table on good-quality milk, a position it last held on its own back in June 2020.

Glanbia Milk is now in second place, while Aurivo holds fourth, with no positional changes in the lower half of the table.

On average-quality milk, Glanbia Milk stays out in front on 27.3p/l, while Lakeland remains in third, having closed the gap to 0.18p/l. Elsewhere, there are no positional changes on the previous month, although the spread in prices from first to last has narrowed to 0.7p/l.

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