Farming background: We are dairy farming here at home, milking 160 cows, so it is busy enough. I am doing my Green Cert part time in Grange. I am an aircraft engineer by trade, that is my day job. I work with Ryanair in Dublin airport. I am there a year now. I did a four-year apprenticeship with Dublin Airspace and I worked in Iceland for a year as well.

Rally driving: I am at it a long time now. I started driving cars in the fields after silage was cut. My first ever stage rally was in 2014, but 2010 was when I did my first ever field rally. I was only 14 at the time and I won the championship that year.

Competitions: In 2017 I won the Junior Rally Championship, which was based all over Ireland, there were eight rounds. It starts in March and finishes around October. That rally came down to the last stage, there were three of us in contention for the win.

Winning: In 2019, I won the Motorsport Ireland Junior Rally series champion, it was the first year of the championship in Ireland. It was in the forest and on the roads. The feeling of winning is good, it was a two-day rally and both days counted for a different round. If I hadn’t finished the first day, it would have been tight the second day. We won on both days. It was my first time competing in a rally like that, which was a great achievement.

Dream car: A WRC, which is a world rally car. At the minute if I could get to a rally abroad, I would love to drive a R5 car, which is a step down from a world rally car, it is a 4WD.

Motorsport Ireland Rally Academy: This year I am part of the Motorsport Ireland Rally Academy. There are about 11 drivers taking part. We meet up about five times in the year, people come in to talk to us about fitness, nutrition and preparation.

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