Electric cars on the rise in rural counties
Barry Murphy
While the bulk of new electric car registrations still occur in urban and commuter population centres such as Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow, registrations in more rural counties are on the rise.
28 December 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Government's target to cut car numbers a curious choice
The sudden adoption of this new target to reduce car numbers, never before mentioned, betrays a lack of confidence by the Government in its own stated strategy.
23 November 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Is a congestion charge the answer?
How should the costs of the road system, including costs imposed on everyone else by road traffic, be recovered?
Used car imports down by almost 15,000 cars in 2022
Used car imports for the year to date are down 26.6% (40,753) on 2021 (55,539) figures, according to SIMI.
9 November 2022 Motors
Farmer Writes: cometh the hour cometh the man
You shouldn’t be too sentimental when you’re on a scrap clean out, writes Gerald Potterton.
9 November 2022 News
Tractor run in memory of Archie Naughton
A tractor run is being held in memory of the late Archie Naughton who passed away at the age of 16 this year following a rare illness. Archie loved farming with family and friends.
2 November 2022 News
Locals call for action following attack on farmer in Tipperary
Tensions within the community of Powerstown and Lisronagh, Clonmel are running high as over 500 locals attend a meeting over alleged criminal behaviour in recent times.
12 October 2022 News
Colm McCarthy: targeting scarce public funds
It would be helpful if incentives for electric car adoption could somehow be targeted at high-mileage rural motorists.
7 September 2022 Viewpoints
Energy emissions up 5.4% in 2021 – SEAI
Despite efforts to increase renewable energy production, emissions from the energy sector rose 5.4% in 2021, according to the SEAI.
5 September 2022 News
DAERA’s £21m HQ sits almost empty
The high-spec office was built as part of re-location project which aimed to get more civil servants out of the Belfast area.
17 August 2022 Northern Ireland