PJ Callan, the Irish importer of the Austrian-built Einböck equipment range, offers a number of machines suitable for pasture rejuvenation, as well as seeding into tilled ploughed ground.

The machine the firm recommends for the job is the Pneumaticstar Pro model. It comes available in three working widths of 3m, 6m and 12m. The six-row tine arrangement of the Pneumaticstar carries 60 tines for each 1.5m working width. A central lever in one of five preset positions alters the aggressiveness of the tines.

The tine arrangement is designed to pull out and remove dead material and therefore encourage tillering within the sward and exposes a small degree of tilth for the new seed. The tines in tilled ground help create a fine seedbed, breaking up small clods.

Both electronic and manual dosing pneumatic seeder units are available and can apply rates from 1kg/ha to 300kg/ha.

The manual dosing unit is operated via ground wheel. Both these seeders can be purchased as standalone units for retrofit on to various other machines.

Einböck also offers its Grass Manager and Manager Pro tine harrow options, which are fitted with 10mm tines and one hydraulic ram per section for increased downward force, therefore increasing the intensity of the process. Prices for the Einböck Pnuematicstar Pro start at €6,877 plus VAT, while the standalone Pneumatic seeders start at €4,068 plus VAT.