This week in photos: big shows are back
Photo Desk
Our top farming photos from the past week include some of the action from Balmoral Show, setting grass seeds, sowing maize, milking cows, turf production and more.
26 February 2022 News
10 things to know about growing hemp
Here are some frequently asked questions from farmers interested in sowing the hemp crop.
26 February 2022 Soil
Tomatoes are the first seeds planted in Lily Champ's garden
Lily Champ has been gardening longer than most readers' parents are alive, maybe even some of your grandparents, so she knows a lot about planting seeds.
Farmers sought to grow hemp
Hemp is a cash crop which can be grown for 50,000 different products, including paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics and animal feed to name but a few.
18 February 2022 News
Home Farm: growing list of jobs
On the cattle side, we are now at maximum capacity with cattle bought in and nothing sold as yet though we hope to start selling this week.
9 February 2022 Opinion