DH Farm Machinery in Co Galway imports the SMS range of equipment manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The two machines DH Farm Machinery recommends for Irish conditions are the SMS SSD 300 direct drill and the SMS Teran N tine harrow, both of which can be used for overseeding or seeding into ploughed ground.

Both are offered in 3m working widths as standard, although larger versions are available.

The SMS Teran N has essentially three different tools. First is a row of sprung ripper tines, each with replaceable shares that are height adjustable. These tines are designed to scratch the surface and remove any dead material.

The SMS Teran N.

Following are two rows of 12mm-thick spring tines, each measuring 555mm in length, helping remove dead material and create a seedbed. Seeding is done using an APV pneumatic seeder unit with electric control box. Each of the outlet hoses are mounted between the rows of spring tines, so seed is covered with tilth.

Completing the process is a prism roller to consolidate the seedbed. A toplink sensor turns the seeder on or off when the machine is raised or lowered. Two shafts are included for the sowing of different crops. The 3m unit is priced at €13,740 plus VAT.

The 3m SSD 300 (pictured) is different in that it is fitted with a single row of 12mm-thick sprung tines up front followed by 24 disc and seed coulters with a row spacing of 125mm. The 400mm-diameter serrated discs are divided into two staggered rows.

Working depth is hydraulically adjustable. Similarly, the process is then finished using the rear prism roller. Each coulter is fitted with replaceable carbide tungsten tips for a long wear life.

This particular unit uses the same APV PS 300 M1 seeder, although other seeder options are available for both machines. The complete 3m unit weighs in the region of 2,360kg and is priced at €17,880 plus VAT.