JC Machinery in Cheshire is the UK and Irish importer and distributor of the Dutch-built Vredo range.

Although based in the UK, JC Machinery has a presence in Ireland through dealer Campey Turf Care in Dublin.

Vredo is well known for its over-seeders in the agriculture and turf care industries. The aim of its machines is to cause minimal soil disturbance.

Models range from 2.5m to 5.8m in working width.

Units up to 2.9m are available with conventional box seeders (250l and 290l) or pneumatic seeders while the larger models are only available with pneumatic seeders.

The Agri Serie is available up to 2.9m and offers a conventional seeder box instead of a pneumatic seeder.

Agricultural models include the Agri Twin, Agri Air and Agri Serie, with the Agri Air being most popular. The advantage of the pneumatic seeder over the box seeder is that smaller seeds, such as clover, can be sown more accurately.

The machines slit the surface at row spacings of 7.5cm using a double-V-shaped disc configuration and seed is placed between each disc and into the slot with little disturbance. The slits are then closed using the rear consolidating roller which can be either smooth surfaced or a packering roller.

If wider row spacing is required for tillage applications, for example, the crop drill system (CDS) can be fitted. This halves the number of distributors, so sowing can be done at 15cm spacings.

Each disc is separately suspended so all undulations can be followed. Drilling can be done at speeds of up to 13km/h. Seeding depth is adjustable from 0 to 25mm.

Pneumatic seeder models are fitted with Vredo’s own 450l pneumatic seed hopper, which can distribute a range of seed sizes. The 2.5m Agri Seri box seeder machine is priced at €21,000 plus VAT, while the 2.5m Agri Air complete with pneumatic seeder is at €28,000 plus VAT.