The new Agri-Environmental Training Scheme (AETS) seems to have hit an early snag, with advisers describing the application mechanism as "unworkable".

The AETS is tasked with training farmers in environmental standards, encouraging their participation in future related schemes, and the promotion of farm safety.

Any Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applicant is eligible to participate, with a payment of €156 for the day-long course.


To be eligible for the scheme, farmers must log in to and accept the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Advisers, both in Teagasc and private advisers, say the vast majority of BPS applicants don't have such access.

"The vast majority of my clients rely on me to fulfil all their obligations on the agfood portal," said one adviser.

"Only a tiny percentage have their log-in details."


In order to log in to the portal, farmers need to know their username, the seven digit PAC code and their password.

Advisers say most farmers have grown to rely on them to fulfil all online applications and have forgotten these details.

Advisers point out that they were able to register their clients for the red clover and multi-species sward Schemes.

The changed application process may be because planners will deliver the training and will be paid €90 for every participant. That said, this is also true of the farm environmental study, which planners could register farmers for.

Advisers hold that AETS applications will be massively curtailed by the application process and want it adjusted.