DEAR SIR: Since reading your original article on the problems which arose on Dan Brennan’s farm and the subsequent letters which you received, I would like to ask the question, what was the role of the EPA in the matter?

I always thought that this Government agency was the watchdog that protected the environment and consequently the citizens from harmful exposure to toxins or pollution, either accidental or intentional.

In fact, its own website defines its role as follows: “The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for protecting and improving the environment as a valuable asset for the people of Ireland.”

After reading your article on what happened to Dan Brennan’s farm and animals, coupled with the signs of decay and disease in the trees and hedgerows, the approach of the EPA raises questions.

Did the close proximity of a brick factory to the farm not raise concerns about a possible source of pollution?

Certainly, the improvement in the animals, when the factory closed, should have raised concerns as to the possible cause.

What is certain is that the farmer and his family were left to suffer the adverse consequences, both financial and medical.

We need an independent public inquiry as to what happened on Dan Brennan’s farm and to include the role of the EPA in this so that ordinary citizens can be confident that our health and welfare are properly protected.