Today, Monday 16 May 2022, is the deadline for farmers to submit their 2022 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications. All applications must be submitted by midnight.

Monday also marks the deadline for application to numerous farm schemes such as the Tillage Incentive Measure, with BPS applications also required under practically every agricultural or environmental scheme.

The Department of Agriculture is reminding applicants to tick the Areas of Natural Constraint box on the opening page of the application to apply for the 2022 BPS. If you have forgotten to tick this box, it can be done via the BPS amendment option.

While making the submission, farmers can easily check back on their application and this will be stated on the front page of the application summary.

Extended helpdesk hours

The Department has provided extended helpdesk opening hours over the past week to support farmers to make their submissions on time.

The direct payments helpdesk line (057-867 4422) will remain open from 9.15am to midnight on Monday 16 May.

Levels of submission activity have jumped significantly, as expected in the last week, as today’s deadline looms.