Now that the prohibited period for cutting hedgerows has passed, I have started breasting back some overgrown hedges. There are some mature ash trees in the hedgerow and I feel their branches will soon be at risk of coming in contact with overhead electricity wires that pass through my land. Is it my responsibility to get them cut, or is it the ESB Networks responsibility? If I contact the ESB, will it end up costing me?

Any time you feel there may be a risk of contact with overhead electricity lines you should contact the ESB immediately on 1850 372 or 757 or 0212386555. Arthur Byrne, Public Safety Manager with ESB Networks says that under no circumstances should you attempt to cut down trees yourself. He explains that once contacted, an inspection crew will be sent to assess if trees need to be cut. If the trees do need to be cut, then the target timeline to have them cut is within four weeks.