Farm safely: stay safe by staying clear of overhead electricity wires
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ESB Networks public safety manager Michael Murray has some vital advice for farmers and contractors ahead of the busy silage season.
25 January 2022 Management
Top safety tips for calving time
Working with cows at calving time can pose a safety risk to farmers. Outlined are five tips to making the calving shed a safer place.
ESB Networks advise the public to stay safe & clear of electricity wires
If you see a fallen wire or damage to ESB Networks equipment, do not approach it, report it immediately to 1800 372 999.
Getting ready for winter 2021 (if it comes)
Adam Woods previews this week’s winter ready focus and takes a look at what farmers can do to prepare for winter.
17 November 2021 News
Stay safe with electricity this winter
ESB public safety manager Michael Murray is asking all farmers to take some time to read these timely electrical safety tips so that you can be prepared for the winter.
Always ask yourself: are you sure it’s safe?
As the season changes and as winter conditions approach, Michael Murray, public safety manager with ESB Networks, is asking farmers to remain vigilant around the farm.
13 September 2021 Advertisers' anouncements
Irish Farmers Journal farm safety competition winners
Adam Woods takes a look at the winning entries from the recent Irish Farmers Journal farm safety competition.
25 August 2021 News
Farm Safety Week is going global
The "rethink risk" theme seems well chosen, as we are surrounded by risk on farms at all times. And it's the same on the other side of the world.
21 July 2021 Dealer
Keeping children safe on farms this summer
Adam Woods has a few tips on keeping children safe on farms this summer.
17 July 2021 News
Win €2,000 with Irish Farmers Journal farm safety competition
Adam Woods has details of an Irish Farmers Journal farm safety competition.
15 July 2021 News
In pictures: how to keep your trailer lights in order
With many machines out on the road this time of the year, it is essential that trailer lights are working correctly. Bruce Lett offers some tips when it comes to fault-finding and making repairs
23 June 2021 Farm machinery
The day I nearly gassed the dog
Co Down farmer Derek Robinson was mixing slurry when the dog started breathing rapidly.
19 May 2021 Farmer Writes