The number of sheep slaughtered fell by 10.8% in November 2020 when compared with corresponding data for 2019, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has said.

Cattle slaughterings also decreased, down 4.9%, while pig slaughterings increased by 9.7%.

2020 figures

Sheep slaughterings increased by 2.8% in the year to November 2020 when compared with the corresponding period in 2019.

The number of cattle slaughtered also increased by 1.6%, while pig numbers rose by 2.2%.

Over 2.859m sheep and 1.736m cattle have been slaughtered in the year to date.


Sheep prices range from €5.75/kg to €5.85/kg at the higher end of the market, with sellers handling smaller numbers and possessing lower negotiating power trading from €5.55/kg to €5.70/kg for quality assured lamb.

Bullocks are moving at €3.75/kg, with some plants quoting €3.80/kg for a mix of bullocks and heifers to secure numbers.

There isn’t a lot of change in the heifer market, with heifers being quoted at €3.75/kg to €3.80/kg in all plants.

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