Dowra Mart had a big entry of over 1,300 sheep at its weekly sheep sale on Friday last week.

Fat lambs topped out at €160/head being paid for a pen of seven lambs weighing 54kg.

A big pen of 51 lambs weighing 49kg sold for €155.50/head, while a pen of eight lambs weighing 46kg sold for €149.50/head.

Heavy lambs were in most demand, with butchers and wholesalers competing for the best lots.

Lighter lambs in the 36kg to 40kg bracket sold from €100 to €110, with flesh cover and quality being a big factor in prices paid.

Demand for hogget ewes

There is still demand for hogget ewes, with a number of pens selling well on Friday. A pen of six hogget ewes topped out at €170/head.

Fleshed cull ewes were also in demand, with prices ranging from €80 for lighter types to €150/head for heavy fleshed types.

Mart manager Terry McGovern said: “Numbers have been very steady over the last few weeks, with a lot of store lambs still being sold on a weekly basis.

“We had really good wholesaler, factory agent and exporter demand last Friday, with everybody hungry for finished lambs.”

Weekly sheep sales in Dowra Mart take place on Fridays, while the weekly cattle sale takes place on Saturdays.

In pictures

This pen of 21 lambs sold for €87 each.

This pen of 10 mixed lambs weighed 49kg each and sold for €148/head.

This pen of four ram lambs weighed 50kg each and sold for €154.50/head.

This pen of seven ewe lambs weighed 54kg each and sold for €160/head.

This pen of 11 ewe lambs weighed 56kg each and sold for €154.50 each.